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About Withrice 

Over fifty years, the family recipe has been passed on from generations to generations through the family-owned restaurant environment in a northern province of Thailand. We are the third generation of our family, and we would like to share our passion in Thai cuisine to the local community of North Balwyn. As a part of the community, we believe that Thai food can benefit everyone as it is known for being incredible for health as it contains numerous healthy nutritious and immune-boosting ingredients such as spices and fresh herbs. So, we would like to invite anyone who keen and passionate in Thai food to try us out. Cheers.  


Why ‘Withrice’? Rice is the main ingredient in Thai cuisine. This is because the country is very capable of growing rice and has many different species nationwide. Rice is also a national symbol of food and well-being. In addition, with-rice can be translated back into a Thai word pronounced as ‘Kub-kao’ which refers to ‘anything that can be eaten with rice’ or ‘course that is eaten with rice.’

'Prachaniyom' - the original and maternal Thai restaurant of Withrice in Pisanulok, Thailand.

About Rice 

Most Thai people are fond of rice. Rice is a staple in Thailand and more than 80 per cent of the population consume rice everyday for all meals in a day. Due to the weather condition and terrain enhancement, Thai ancestors were able to produce rice in a large portion in all the part of Thailand. Since, the beginning of the international trade era, Thailand has become a major exporter in South East Asia market. A large variety of rice species can be found in Thailand including Jasmine rice, sticky rice, White glutinous rice, Black glutinous rice, Brown rice, Red Cargo rice, Riceberry , and White rice. Eventually, rice became a national food and an indicator of people’s well-being.


Rice is used in Thai society as an instrument to express kindness among the people. In the old days, most farmers harvested a lot of rice. The amount was beyond their need. Instead of keeping the surplus rice unused, they cooked rice to be presented to monks as a form of merit making. They always found a chance to celebrate any good or small lucky events by inviting their friends and neighbours to have lunch or dinner at their houses.

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Food Box Service

On the move and just can’t find a good place to eat? No problem. Apart from serving delicious Thai food via take-away and food on premise service, Withrice also cater a ‘food box service’, which refers to a large portion ordering (at least 10 orders), with special deals and free delivery service within 4 km from the restaurant for special occasions as a family day trip or school trip, even for an office lunch break or corporate function. Deals and discounts are adjusted based on the amount of the ordering, please give us a call for further discussion.

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Contact Us

1134 Burke Rd

Balwyn North, VIC 3104

Tel: 03 9939 0450


Opening from Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch: 11am - 3.30pm

Dinner: 5pm - 9.30pm




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